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everything from fine dining to supreme streetfoods  -  anywhere in the world  -  all pictures are taken by me unless stated otherwise

B I B L I O T E C A  G O U R M A N D E

My first mission every time I visit a new city it always to explore the area surroundings of my hotel. After a short walk in the streets of Raval on my first day in Barcelona this place was discovered. As the only restaurant in its street it stood out and we decided to go for dinner the here the first night. Our waiter was very welcoming and good at explaining the menu and she was glad to share her own recommendations. What she wanted to recommend this night was a frisé salad with tomatoes and mozzarella - as simple as that. This because the tomatoes they had received this day was so good. At this point I was convinced this was the right place to eat my first dinner in Barcelona.

The tomatoes were marvelous, the sardines, croquettes, olives and tomato bread were also very good. After these tapas’ starters we shared a Paella, cooked to perfection. After this successful first meal we returned two times during our Barcelona experience, once for lunch and once for dinner and ate perfectly well at all occasions. The pictures is a mix of all three meals.

Biblioteca Gourmande is a charming and affordable restaurant with fantastic kitchen, serving rustique Spanish food of high quality, based on local products. And the service is amongst the best i experienced in Barcelona.


The street food scene in Oslo expands it’s footprint with newcomer Hitchiker - serving classics from all across the world. The food is tasty and the place looks cool, but the dishes are too pricey, which I think makes it hard for this concept to really work as it should. Anyhow, I wish the restaurant welcome, since I am a huge fan of street food and there hasn’t been a lot of quality joints around in Oslo city. 

M O R N I N G T O N   S T R A V A G A N Z A, Gothenburg

Situated in the midst of Gothenburg this hotel is a good choice for practical reasons, but this is not the only good reason to visit. The atmosphere of Mornington Stravaganza is cool and and the decor is also very likable.

The rooms are small, but well laid out, with a solid work-desk if you travel on business. The room boasts amenities such as complimentary water, and in the bathroom you’ll find descent sink-side amenities. 

Also worth mentioning is the next door brasserie, Lipp - great for lunch or dinner.

This quirky hotel is always my first choice when visiting Gothenburg.

P A U L Y  S A A L

Pauly Saal is located in an old building that used to be a jewish girls school, with a lot of history in the walls. The restaurant and the bar has a vintage decor with a Mad Men’ish feel to it that looks exceptional, with the typical cool Berlin vibe. We had not booked a table, but arrived right before they opened and got a table at once. The restaurant team were extremely friendly and attentive. After being presented the three course menu of the day we were convinced.

Calf’s terrine with quail egg, slightly sour lingonberries and brioche.

Pomeranian beef filet with mustard crust, thinly sliced kohlrabi and morels.

Crumble tart with rhubarb, sparkling wine Sabyon and Tonka bean ice cream.

The food was presented in an elegant fashion with pure and delicious flavors. No bullshit. The atmosphere of the restaurant was relaxed, but the waiters always made you feel looked after. Dining in this beautiful room was a great experience and I know that I will return to this fabulous restaurant at my next visit to Berlin!

T H E  P A R K  H Y A T T,  T O K Y O

Ten years ago, I had an unforgettable film experience with Sofia Coppolas timeless masterpiece Lost in Translation. When the film was over I knew three things, I was in love with Scarlet Johansson, I was going to Tokyo, and I was going to experience the hotel where the film was shot.

So, ten years later i arrived in Tokyo, and after nine days with friends, I checked in at The Park Hyatt for my two last nights, alone. This proved to be a good idea. I stayed inside most of the time, dining at Kozue and The New York Grill, swimming in the awesome pool at the top floor and experiencing the live music at The New York Bar during the evenings.

My beautiful standard room was spacious and with a fantastic view over Shinjuku Park. In the bathroom there was huge soaking tub, and a big separate shower with fabulous sinkside amenities. With free high-speed internett I even managed to get some work done, and the walk-in closet came in handy after my Harajuku shopping spree. The gigantic bed is most likely the best bed I have ever slept in. Egyptian cotton, hell yeah! I also really like the understated modern decor of the room, and the hotel’s interior design in general. Park Hyatt’s teams are outstanding and I don’t believe I have experienced service like this in any other properties so far. 

After my sky high expectations I was almost afraid of getting disappointed, but it turned out there was nothing to worry about. My experience at Park Hyatt Tokyo was flawless, and I really can’t wait to revisit Tokyo and this amazing hotel. Sitting at The New York bar, pretending to be Bill Murray is something I would like to do again. 

And again and again.

S U N D A Y  D I N N E R

Chili con carne with rice, green salad and cans with Ramlösa. Stuffed.

Oslo, Norway


Chili con carne with rice, green salad and cans with Ramlösa. Stuffed.

Oslo, Norway

S U K I Y A B A S H I  J I R O

A throwback from my fantastic lunch at Sukiyabashi Jiro in Roppongi. Read the original full post here

T H E  P R E T E N T I O U S  B I R D

The bird is a burger joint that’s always featured in the Berlin dining scene restaurant-chatter. The first time I visited Berlin, I didn’t get to visit them, but this time around I made my way to their latest branch in Kreuzberg. 

To some degree I can understand the hype. The place is cool, ok service - burgers and fries were very good. However, this place is not THAT good. 

Also I find their attitude and concept with not serving any diet products, having written a note that the chef hates you if you order your burger well done, very pretentious. Specially when they give you that look as if you’re uncool - for trying to order a coke zero. 

All in all it’s a cool burger joint with tasty burgers and generous portions. I just wish they would focus more on the service instead of trying to be so über cool. Shift focus!

Am Falkplatz 510437 and  Kottbusser Damm 95, 10967, Berlin, Germany

S H I S O  B U R G E S

A cute burger joint with a Korean twist, located in MItte, Berlin where you can order unusual burgers such as tuna burger and a tiger prawn burger. I went for a more traditional cheeseburger. The meat is nothing out of the ordinary, but still very good. The buns however, are incredible soft and tasty, topped with black sesame seeds. Both burger and fries are served in bamboo steamer baskets, which looks really cool. The fries are extremely tasty. As a big appreciator of mayonnaise, I love that you don’t have to ask for it. They serve it with the fries together with the ketchup. 

Wasn’t very impressed with the service, but the burger was good enough for me to not get to irritated, and it might have been a one time thing.  

The portions are not huge but perfect for lunch and reasonable priced.

Auguststrasse 29C, 10119 Berlin, Germany

T H E  B E R L I N  U - B A H N < 3

T H E  B E R L I N  U - B A H N < 3